ScoopHubs - Performance Audits

Having a beautiful site is not enough if it's not fast and snappy. Studies have shown those slow websites lose customers and money. We are experts in finding those bottlenecks and getting your site back to the speedy ways again.

Why Performance Audit Is Important?

In the race of adding new features and functionality to the websites and applications, the performance takes a hit. Developers ignore the impact unless it becomes too severe. And at that point, you are either losing money or customers or both because no one wants to suffer through a slow application. A badly optimized application is also a money sink because you need to pay for more resources than what's required.

How ScoopHubs Can Help?

  • ScoopHubs have expertise in doing performance profiling in both backend and frontend. The performance profiling will help in finding the performance hotspots and help correct them.
  • We can help with database query optimization, excess memory, and CPU consumption in your backend applications. These are the most common and difficult problems to fix correctly.
  • We help reduce payload size, CPU, and ram consumption of the front-end applications build with React, Vue, or any JavaScript-based application.
  • We can also help do performance audits on native applications on Android and iOS and suggest actionable improvements.

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