ScoopHubs - Web Analytics

You have a nice website but you are unaware of what works and what doesn't. Web Analytics such as Google Analytics and likes come to rescue. We have in-depth knowledge of these tools and we can help find the focus areas and strategize improvements.

Why Web Analytics Is Important?

The primary purpose of a web analytics tools is to study user's behavior in regards to your websites or application. What pages are viewed by users the most, which don't get many views. What content works and what doesn't? What is the demographic of your userbase? What interests them and what doesn't. Which sources send you the maximum traffic and which doesn't?

These are some very important questions and need answering to have the correct strategy in place.

How ScoopHubs Can Help?

  • Setup Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager in the most optimum way so that you get metrics that you care about.
  • Audit, Debug, Modify the existing analytics setup to streamline the data, and set up goals.
  • Web Server log file analysis.
  • Geolocation of visitors, Click Analytics, and Customer lifecycle analytics.